Princess, if you permit may I have a look
at these things? Princess, this treasure makes our royal treasure
appear pale in comparison. My father used to say
the same thing. All elderly people
have similar opinions. This pen.. It belongs to a legendary poet
of our times Gul-e-Gulzaar. ‘A hundred and sixteen’ ‘bull’s eyes.’ ‘And one blind murderer?’ ‘A hundred and sixteen
bull’s eyes.’ ‘And one blind murderer?’ Gul-e-Gulzaar wrote
whatever he felt like. This ‘Dupatta’! Princess, this belongs to Sher Kaka bin Kaka. Master, do try it on once. Oh.. Hey.. How do I look, my dear snob? Tell me. Do tell me. Even he started behaving
like Kaka. Did anything happen? The red inkpot! It says that if someone
applies this and wears red clothes no one can injure him. ‘Where has
Genie Meanie disappeared?’ Really? I do not believe so. Neither do I, at times. ‘Relationships are formed
in two ways.’ ‘Those that are formed by fate’ ‘and those that are formed
from the heart.’ ‘Lady Sara’ ‘I have never had a real friend’ ‘who would understand me,
be honest to me’ ‘and treat me with respect.’ ‘One flower in hand’ ‘and the other, by my side.’ ‘What a lovely dilemma!’ It hurts, does it not? Well, Princess..
I was.. Genie Meanie Aladdin has told me about you
and Shiekh Ginu. Look it is easy to bear
one’s own suffering but to see a loved one suffer is extremely difficult. I have been through it. Sheikh Ginu will get well soon,
Genie Meanie. That is because he has a brother
like Aladdin and a friend sweet as sugar,
Genie Meanie. Take care of yourself. You will surely find
a way out of this. Eureka! Master, I have found a way! What have you found? What are you talking about? Do tell us, will you, old man! Master, I have found a way
to heal Ginu. What is it? The moon stamp. The moon stamp? Master, I have heard about it but how will we heal Ginu
with this? I shall tell you. Eight hundred years ago Jhumru! Eight hundred years ago destruction and death reigned every corner of the world. The perpetrator
of those atrocities was Qatil Khan. The world’s most
ferocious genie. He would lay waste
to whichever place he set foot in. All the other genies
of the world tried their best to stop him. But he was no ordinary genie. He was disaster personified. Then, an ascetic created
this moon stamp to contain his evil powers. As pristine as the moon itself. Once it’s rays touched
Qatil Khan he changed completely. He changed?
What does that mean? He started playing the flute. He started feeding birds,
insects and goats. He became kind and benevolent towards children and grown ups
alike. And after that day this is the first time
I am seeing the moon stamp. Good Lord! Just when we are looking
for something that could end the evil
in Ginu’s soul. This is a sign from God
that all will be well and we shall succeed. The Almighty is with us. And so is my father. I never knew that he had something like this
in his possession. Thank you, Father. Chand is it true that when the rays of the moon stamp touch Ginu he will go back to being
the naive and adorable Ginu
he used to be? – Yes. Master, there is something..
– Aladdin! My mother creates a new scene everyday. She has brought an old physician to treat Ginu who is even more rickety
than my father. If you saw him, you would think he is about to fall any moment! Chand, Genie Meanie go and observe the physician
very carefully. Then come back to
Genie of the Ring and describe his appearance
in detail. But master..
– Will someone please tell me what is going on here? Master.. – Nothing is going on
at the moment but things are about to happen
soon. The ‘We will not return Ginu’
movement shall be heralded. Master.. – Ginu will be healed but not by an old physician. He will be healed by me,
his brother. Master, my 1500 years
of experience.. Your experience was
really useful, Chand. Thank you very much. We must go now.
– Wait! Will someone please
listen to me? Listen to me, please! Please let me tell you the most important thing
about the moon stamp. Physician, do you remember
what your age is? When it comes to love
age is no bar. But I like to keep age in mind while falling in love. Someone good looking Not too wise, unlike you but just smart enough
not to be fooled and to understand my feelings without having to be told. “The eyes meet” “and tales are woven.” “The eyes have started” “having an affair.” “The eyes have started” “having an affair.” “The eyes..” “Have started having
an affair.” Go ahead and say.
– Yes. Princess, the healer must
be coming to see Genie now. Okay, then let’s go to meet him. That will be good. Why are you looking in that
direction, look here? Are you done? Shall we go?
We are getting very late. Mister.. – Yes. Yes, aunt, please tell me.
– Aunt? Fear God! Do I look so old? Forgive me, dear.
I made a mistake. I apologise. Okay, fine. Can you hear me? What? Can you hear my voice? Yes, I can hear. Look, Hakim.
– Yes. The Minister’s.. The Minister’s brother is sick. He has to be healed. If he is healed, then you will get so many gold coins that your remaining life will get over. – What? I mean the gold coins won’t
get over. Did you hear? Hearing about gold coins,
everyone can hear clearly. Diverting this woman has become
my favourite job. When she will be diverted,
Master will get a chance. Let the counting begin. The masked man? Today I will reveal their truth. Hey, where did that healthy
woman disappear? Forgive me, Hakim. But it was necessary to do this,
to teach Zafar a lesson. I swear on gold coins. Is it that the masked man can only be seen by me? And I hope the masked men
did not drive me crazy. I think I will have to get
myself treated from that old Hakim. Is he there or has he left? Hakim! Hakim! Look in this direction. Don’t shake.. Hakim, let’s go. Let’s go, fatso!
– What? – I mean, dear. Dear. ‘The time has come to bring
back my friend Genie.’ The sooner my healthy
Genie will get well the sooner the second door
of Raaz-e-Kainat will open The fat woman had said
she’ll bring the healer. I wonder where she has gone. Minister!
Look who I have brought here. Thank you, fatso!
– Fatso? – Dear.. Minister.. ‘Your friend Aladdin has come.’ ‘Genie, don’t worry.’ Please come, beggar.. I mean,
doctor.. Why is master doing this? Angoothi Chaap, he is
doing the right thing. He is doing this for Ginu. He just needs a chance
to put ‘Chand Mauhar’ imprint on Ginu. Ginu’s condition will improve. ‘I need to imprint
‘Chand Mauhar’ on Ginu’ ‘I have to send all of them
out of the room.’ What happened, doctor?
Are you sleeping? I can’t wait all day long.
Do you understand? You can’t wait and I can’t
be in haste. Nothing good happens
when in haste. You know this. I have to apply
medicine on him. Do that. I mean, I have to apply
a famous medicine that that I prepare from the
juice of onions, kerosene oil and buffalo’s dung
on his huge body. Do you want me to apply
it on you too? No..
– Okay, I won’t do that.. But my medicine
has a terrible stink. That’s why I want you
to leave from here. No.. I’ll stay here.
You do what you have to. I am not asking you.
I am telling you to leave from here. No, I’ll stay here..
– Okay.. Don’t be angry. ‘What should I do now?’ The door is closed now. How will we see now? I wonder what’s
happening inside. Let me do something. ‘Ginu is fat, I am thin.
Transform me into’ ‘a piece of paper.’ Minister Zafar,
tell me something. For how long have you
known your brother? Hey.. Minister Zafar,
if he is your brother you must know him since
your childhood. Isn’t it? This is great.. Stop laughing like this
otherwise, your teeth will fall on the bed. Now tell me about
his condition. I’ve seen many diseases
in my life of 185 years. But I’ve never seen
such a disease. What do you mean? I mean, Minister Zafar..
Come closer. …that he is
not a human being.

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