Where did all the water
from my chamber vanish? I was here all the while. Could someone have
entered my chamber and taken away the water
and I was unable to see? No..
How is it possible? My eyesight is not so weak. Yes, Mother.
Neither is your eyesight weak nor your determination
or courage. I was worrying unnecessarily. I hope you always keep
smiling and talking like this. And keep taking everyone
to task. Lady Ruksaar.. Princess, you here! If you had any work
you could have called me. Lady Ruksaar, are you all right? Are you all right?
– No. Are you not?
What happened to you? – Nothing. What do you mean?
– Mean what? I mean, I came to ask you
if you are getting black water in your chamber. I was coming to you
to discuss it. You know that the water supplied
to your chamber as well as mine is from a common source.
– Yes. I have no idea how the water
in my chamber got over. I did not finish it, Princess. I feel that someone entered
my chamber and took away
all the water. Lady Ruksaar, I had told them
to stop the water supply in your chamber as well as mine.
– Did you! Yes.
– Why? In order to save water. Fine, Princess. You did the right thing. Lady Ruksaar, I need a favour
from you. Order me, Princess. Can you prepare medicines
for the citizens of Baghdad? Your herbal medicine
that heals every disease. Sure, Princess.
Let me go bring the herbs. Go.. Go fast. Princess, where did the sound
come from? From here.. Look here.
Like this.. Even you try doing it.
– Princess, how can.. Just try. I will not be able to.
Let me prepare the medicine. Fine. Yasmine will take care
of my mother. Let me look for the book. Where will I find the book ‘How to destroy
the evil forces.’ I swear on the gold coins! Did you think that you’ll
sneak out after stealing? I know everything. Now watch what condition
I will reduce you two to! May something happen
that will scare the woman. Show the charisma,
my magic and illusion. What! I-I swear on the gold coins! W-Who are you? We protect Baghdad
from people like you. We are the guardians
of Baghdad. Well..
I swear on the gold coins! I am also a citizen of Baghdad.
Protect me. Guard me.
– Shut up! Put the safe down. Yes!
– No.. – Yes.. Farewell.
We shall meet again. Put it down! Had I stayed as the handcart
for some more time I would have remained
a handcart forever. The water is here!
Where is the gang? Mother.. ‘I hope Gulbadan
does not foil our plan.’ Oh, God! Genie Meanie!
Jhumru! How did Gulbadan get here?
– What’s going on? I hope Gulbadan does
not foil our plans. Turn me into a big apple. Gullu! Gullu, my son! You’re a healthy woman
who takes advantage of people’s helplessness!
– Are you taking about me? That’s not true. You deprived water
to the people in need. We shall not give you
a drop of water. Have mercy!
Please have mercy. Please show some mercy
on a helpless woman. Hereafter, I will never repeat
such a mistake. Forgive me. I seek forgiveness
on behalf of my husband’s family. Please forgive me.. We will not spare you. I swear on the gold coins to heck with the guardians
of Baghdad. Oh, no.. They took the gold coins
and the water as well. I shall take revenge. I’ll make them pay dearly
for this. When Aladdin was a child he used to bite his nails as well. Yes, I learnt about it today. Really? How?
– I mean.. Well, you just told me
about it. I am so silly.
I just told you about it. ‘Before I do something wrong’ ‘I will keep myself occupied
with work.’ Princess! Why did you stand up?
– Because you sat down. Can’t I sit down?
– You’re the Princess. You’re my friend. You’re the Princess of Baghdad.
You cannot sit down. You’re also.. Yasmine is as innocent and lovely
as my mother. ‘How to destroy the evil forces’ ‘How to destroy
the evil forces.’ Iblis, the demon.. I found it!
I have found the book! Oh, no! Your illusionary enchantment
saved us today. Or else, we would have
been in trouble. You knocked Gulbadan unconscious. Gullu! Gullu, open your eyes.
Gullu! Gullu.. Gullu.. Gullu.. Genie Meanie!
Jhumru! – Quiet! Gullu, have you vowed
to land us into trouble? But I haven’t eaten
since morning. How did you grow so tall?
I was so frightened. Gullu, don’t be afraid. We are fine now. We have acquired
everything. We found the chest of coins
and water as well. I think we should leave now. Yes. But where Aladdin
and the princess? It’s a long story.
We’ll tell you on the way. Let’s go.
– Okay. Let’s go. ‘Smoke!’ ‘I hope Aladdin is fine.
If ma’am sees this smoke’ ‘there can be a problem.’ Ma’am, I need
some more medicines. Princess, this..
This is sufficient. No.. I want the medicines
for the entire kingdom. Do this.
You.. Bring some more herbs. Fine. ‘I can smell something burning.’ Princess can you smell something burning?
– No. Yes, it is. From there.
There’s smoke coming out too. No.. No, ma’am.
The burning smell is not from that room. ‘Oh, no!
What do I do now?’ I’ll just check
and get it confirmed. No, ma’am. Don’t go there.
– ‘Bum digi digi bum..’ ‘Bum digi digi bum..
Bum..’ Okay! So, this is where
the smoke was coming from, ma’am.
From here. Who are you?
– ‘Bum digi digi bum..’ ‘Bum digi digi bum..’ Hair fall the bloated belly
and the potatoes rotting is not under anyone’s control. But I can stop this danger Baghdad is getting into. Really?
– Yes. I’m going to every house
and stopping this problem by doing ‘Bum digi digi bum..’ Sit over here. Close your eyes.
– Okay. May the rain drops shower. All of you say this with me.
‘Bum digi digi bum bum..’ ‘Bum digi digi bum bum..’ ‘Bum digi digi bum bum..’ ‘Bum digi digi bum bum..’ ‘Bum digi digi bum bum..’ ‘Bum digi digi bum bum..’ ‘Bum digi digi bum bum..’ ‘Bum digi digi bum bum..’ You can get up.
I’ve warded off the evil eye. Let’s go, ma’am. Let’s leave.
– No, Princess. Ward off the evil eye
for her too. No.. I don’t believe
in these things, ma’am. Hey, Princess.
You left the medicine here. ‘Bum digi digi bum bum..’ ‘Bum digi digi bum bum..’ Princess, this..
– ‘Bum digi digi bum bum..’ Hey.. Master.. Go.
Leave.. Princess you didn’t do the right thing. We would have caught
Iblis, the demon, today. You have spoilt all my intentions. Master, no.
It’s not totally ruined yet. Because we still have time
for the dawn. We can still catch
Iblis, the demon. You’re right, Gulgule. So, tell me, what do we do?
– You? You should be praising me
all the time. In the morning, afternoon,
evening and night. All the time.
Because I deserve to be praised. Well.. No. I mean..
Master, I-I’m trying to say.. it’s quite some time
since the princess left. I don’t think she’s going
to come back. That’s why, we should make use
of this opportunity and go inside the Jazeera cave and catch Iblis, the demon.. No, we don’t have to catch him. We.. We should obtain the key
from him. Wonderful. My dear Genie, wonderful.
– Isn’t it? Let’s go. It was a narrow escape. You are right. The book got burnt. By the way, mother and you
are very sweet. I am sweet,
so is mother. So we discuss
good things. What did you say? Well..
Nothing. I just said
that we are sweet people. What did you say
before that? Aladdin, it’s getting late.
We must leave. What did you just say? I said that.. I said, mother is also
very sweet. ‘Mother is also very sweet.’ But she is my mother. Why did you
address her as mother? Answer me. Answer me. You answer me. Did you read the book? I am sparing you, today. But, I will seek an answer
to my question soon. Yasmine. Master, your condition is like
a beggar outside the mosque. I swear, I feel like
giving you a gold coin. Please come.
Proceed. You have become
so ill-mannered. And Princess Yasmine
is no less. Yes. She is telling me
to dig the well for the poor people
of Baghdad. And now, you are not leaving
any stone unturned. Master, stop walking. Should I lie down
on the floor? You need an excuse
to spoil your clothes. Don’t you need
your attire tomorrow? Of course I need them. That’s why, I am telling you
to make use of my magic. I will take you there
with my magic, No. I will walk to cave Jazeera. For God’s sake,
you don’t perform any magic. I won’t. But before that,
I want to rest. Sure. Genie of the Lamp,
I want to find a way to kill Iblis, the demon and the way to open the other two doors
or Raaz-e-Kainat. Think about it. Think of it.
Think about it quickly. ‘There’s only one way
to kill Iblis, the demon.’ ‘Aabe Zam Zam.’ Aabe Zam Zam.

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