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  1. Josh had really good chemistry with his co Star this episode. He found someone who got on the same level fo weird he’s on lol.

  2. If you run out of fast food to create expensively.. bagel bites, pizza rolls, hot pockets, etc. Fancy frozen snacks or something.

  3. Whenever they told the potato guy about their past shenanigans he would just say β€œNice.” or β€œOh yeah?”

  4. ok so famous bowls are my favourite thing ever from KFC and i used to get them all the time as a teenager. So i need a good recipe for this lol.

  5. Video Request:
    Have the mythical crew make a custom dish. How to do this, have each member of the crew pick a random thing from each category. Such as flours (could be coconut, or wheat.) A spice (garlic, cinnamon.) A drizzle (chocolate, queso.) a binding ingredient (egg, applesauce.) a fruit/vegstable

  6. Also, Josh needs to do a show where he makes all his really expensive dishes, and make them cheap but still taste relatively the same as the fancy one

  7. Wow lol. I feel a little uncomfortable, like I've walked into a weird situation at work.. my first video over on the Mythical Kitchen and Josh is getting his ass slapped and kissing a man 🀣

  8. I'd like to see a chef cookout battle between all the greatest chefs known(Josh is one of the greatest if not the most daring and creative chef on YouTube)

  9. Please, please, please do more videos with Mike, Josh! This was amazing. And I’ve never wanted to make expensive fast food more than this particular dish.

  10. Mike Pasley's generally calm demeanour contrasted with Josh's full-throttle chaos was truly a sight to behold. I love how shocked Pasley was at Josh catching the strainer lol (9:13).

  11. This episode is the closest I've seen to if I was, for whatever reason, invited to be on the show. The only difference is that I am 1000% more hyper than Josh and my name is also Josh sooooooo… It would be like an atmoic bomb of ADHD and dumb jokes.

  12. Mike: we could get 1000 KFC famous bowls …
    Me: (does math) no you could only get 93.2688822 famous bowls for the cost of that fancy one

    Also me: god I need a life

  13. So far, Pasley and Emily have had the most chaotic, and therefore most complimentary energy to Josh during this series IMO. I'd really like to see both of them return.

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