♪ My first involvement with sports was definitely at home with my brother and sister. Uh, I was lucky enough to be the youngest and be, uh, completely impressionable by those two. Uh, but then, uh, quickly at three or four years old, there was a kiddie clinic, uh, offered by Orland Park soccer club, uh, where I was probably, could barely dribble, and that was my first step into organized soccer. The influence of my, both my brother and sister definitely impacted my decision to go to Moraine. I think that if they weren’t so enthusiastic about how it helped them progress to the next university that they attended, uh, I, I definitely wouldn’t have the same, uh, passion for, for kind of pushing forth. So, I’m really thankful that they gave me that direction. Being at Moraine Valley impacted my life greatly. It really helped me fall back in love with soccer and, and not only for that, but the progression of my career and helping me decide on which general study to, to go through and follow through with for the next university. Uh, I’ll kind of never forget those moments, and I think that, uh, they’re still very important, um, in the way that things turned out for me. Some of my highlights at Moraine Valley, uh, were creating personal and professional relationships with teammates, uh, classmates and staff, uh, that really made me feel like a part of a family just as much as an academic program. And then I would definitely say, uh, going to Europe with my teammates was a lifetime memory and, and absolute privilege. My proudest moment at college was definitely leaving and feeling prepared. You know, I had so many great experiences through, uh, academic relationships and of course, leaving Moraine Valley in the best shape of my life. I felt like I can, uh, make it on any further team or for that next university that I attended, and, and I really felt proud to know that I represented not only the school well but felt great about what was coming next for me. Moraine Valley was really special to me not only for my academic progression. I think it also gave me the opportunity to travel and see cultures that I didn’t know much about before and really instilled a travel bug in me for future. Uh, it brought me to have the confidence to kind of continue to walk into situations, uh, not know and be excited about it. When I first got the phone call about being inducted, uh, I was a bit speechless, uh, but also really honored and touched by the way that, uh, I was able to leave a mark or an impact, uh, on a program that did so much for me. To be able to share this honor with my sister and be inducted at the same time, it really means the most for not only me but for my family. Uh, you know, we worked really hard our entire lives and put a lot of, uh, our passion into sports, uh, but really to be able to share this together as a family, uh, it’s just, it’s legendary for us, and I’m really thankful for the opportunity. ♪ ♪

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