Hi I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet In our opinion of course Bob Bob today, we want to talk about the two best exercises for people that are hunched back poor posture Kyphotic or Kyphosis or head forward posture so what does all that mean, yeah here, we got head forward posture Here is a hunchback or kyphosis Which is the same thing and in general poor posture So how do we correct this or prevent it these are two exercises Bob The first one is Simply bring your shoulders back and squeeze your shoulder blades together, a lot of times therapists will have them do that with some Resistance and we go like this but you don’t need to have the resistance just to help your posture and One key thing that you can think about to make sure you’re doing it right is look on the back of my shirt We put a couple arrows there When he’s squeezing the shoulder blades together you also want to visually think about taking your shoulder blades and putting them down in the opposite pockets Down here yep, so this shoulder blade you’re trying to put into that pocket you see the arrow and this shoulder blade You’re trying to put in that pocket think about that. You can’t really do it You really can’t push the shoulder blades down that well But that’s what you want to think about that’s going to strengthen the right muscle That’s the direction they’re going so I’m going ooh and what that does is it works the proper muscles, those lower traps and rhomboids That get that posture the way you want it and what I like about this Brad is you can do this throughout the day You can do this seated, you can do it standing You should do it every hour as a reminder because not only does it strengthen muscles Then it also puts you in the right position I don’t know if I’d do it in the line when I’m buying groceries I’d probably hold off there, yeah you have enough people drawn to you, the next exercise is Chin tucks you take your chin and go in backwards Towards your throat. We call it a chin tuck so it’s not down But it’s in and back like this. Yes, right exactly Backing the vehicle up, right if you want to put an over pressure here to stretch it a little more That can help with headaches as well The thenar eminence here The web part between the thumb and the finger and give a little extra pressure there. I’m already feeling taller I feel as tall as Bob now That’s right, I don’t think I am though So great, two exercises for posture do them, do them daily, and they’ll become a habit Grow taller and teach your kids these. That’s the most important thing Bob. That’s right yep Send them along the right path Absolutely, we’ll help you do that too. Thanks

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  1. Do you guys know if "snapping tricep" can be fixed without surgery? Done so much research but I've yet to find anything conclusive. Thanks!

  2. When you pull your shoulders back and down, also sucking the stomach in helps because some people arch the small of the back too much and pulling your stomach in stops you doing that too much.

  3. a good corner or doorway stretch would be beneficial as well to stretch your tight pectoral muscles and internal rotators. Just make a goal post as best as you can with your arms with your palms forward and lean into a doorway or corner.

  4. hi I'm fan of your work do you have any video for physiotherapy after tibial fracture and to restore the ROM and normal functioning of leg.

  5. Again, an excellent job on this subject. I believe there are many people walking around with forward head. Just need to be conscious of our posture. BTW, where is your office located, are you in Wisconsin?

  6. I'm finding that doing a similar exercise with weights, extending dumbbells over shoulders with weights pointing towards opposite rear pockets and "pinching" traps/rhomboids together makes my mild cubital tunnel sxs temporarily vanish. This idea popped into my head while I was learning about equinus setting off rampant ankle/foot issues (like Charcot!) and wondered if a weakness in my upper back muscles from lots of hours at the computer might set off my R cubital tunnel sxs. Please let me know if this might not be a good idea?

  7. thankyou,thankyou and thankyou🙆 I'm always on top of my 11 year old boy with his posture. even when sitting down his slowching. This will defenetly help. thankyou again for the great videos👍👏

  8. What is the best exercise to do to correct a reverse curve in the neck? I had whiplash that went untreated and now have a reverse curve. Thanks.

  9. Excellent exercises. We sit for up to 14 hours a day and I wish people knew how to sit properly. Thank you so much

  10. hello doctors i really would like to hear your advice about partially torn triceps tendon injuries if can it be recovered and have the
    ability again to left weights with out surgical approach and how could that be? with all respect and appreciation.

  11. My mom who is 81 is hunched over ,,,she uses a cane and sometimes a walker ,,if she does theses exercises ,then she still bends down with her cane ,how to fix that problem?

  12. I caused mine, cant explain on here why. But I get told to stand straight daily am so ugly now am 42years old. I try and hide my spine. To live like this and knowing I caused it its terrible. Is there anything I can do?

  13. For me the ultimate posture improving exercise is the superman on hands and knees, alternating between legs and hands. Something about that exercise really fires up those upper back muscles, far better than any weighted exercise I tried.

  14. if I have a mild kyphosis curve how much height can you get( get back/ regain )by straightening it?

    I have been going to a physio and we have straightened it a little and have already seen a 1/4 inch increase measurably in my evening and morning heights, my phsyio still says it's not straightened out to normal levels,

    how much would one normally get from a kyphosis curve?

  15. I have a bad kphosis and it's been for 2 years. It's annoying when people tell u to fix your posture and yet u trying your hardest although u feel comfortable in the bad posture, so I'll definitely try this from today. Thanks guys😁

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