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  1. Share with your autumn buddy.
    If you're wondering "What do the letters mean?" just Ask Jeeves "MBTI"
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  2. I'm an INFP but I just barely am more N. I can always tell exactly which ones are INFP and ISFP because they're both scarily accurate.

  3. I am a INTP and Fall is literally my favorite season cause it's so calm and chilly and pretty. No kids, no wasps, halloween is coming up. Just perfect.

  4. My ENFJ husband has always been proud of the fact he “starts the party by getting everyone together”.


  5. As an INFJ, my first thought was, “Will FJ make a joke about SAD?”

    I feel personally attacked.

    Well played. 💀🤣 #truth

  6. I made a mental list of the most notable Autumn things in my head and it was exactly what INTP said (minus the birds I was thinking about squirrels) threw me for a loop to have my internal thoughts immediately repeated back to me as the video began haha

  7. Autumn: too bipolar.
    Spring: too rainy.
    Winter: too cold.

    I must be the only weirdo who wants to live in the Sahara desert.

  8. I love how every INTP thing is just “I will stay inside at all costs and if I go outside there has been an Issue”

  9. 0:00 – INTP
    0:13 – ESTP
    0:19 – ISTJ
    0:25 – ESFJ
    0:35 – ISFJ
    0:43 – ISTP
    0:59 – ENTP
    1:06 – ENFJ
    1:19 – ESTJ
    1:29 – ENTJ
    1:34 – INFP
    1:42 – ESFP
    1:53 – INFJ
    2:04 – ISFP
    2:12 – INTJ
    2:20 – ENFP

    Just in case-

  10. Wait what. It was still technically summer when this video was uploaded, as fall didn't start until September 23rd at 3:50 am eastern.

  11. Bruh I am ENFP and everybody thinks I'm crazy because I'm already thinking about Christmas soon as the leaves start changing 😂😂😂

  12. I am intp infp and enfp all at once like 3 layers in my head can say each and everything they said about autumn XD

  13. I like the autumn a lot 🙂 beautiful colorful leaves, cozy evenings with my fleece blanket, chocolate, tea and my friend mr laptop – infj

  14. ENTP here, can confirm that I've said the candles in Bath and Body Works do not smell like Autumn, Winter, or Spring. I can also relate to ENFP though, I'm already thinking about how to plan my Christmas party 😎

  15. I'm an INTP, thos one really resonated with me. Once everything is cold and dark and quiet then I can venture out and enjoy the outdoors, alone and without distractions.

  16. Lol I’m inch but I’m obsessed with tracking the weather and they days until Christmas Btw…

    77 days ‘til Christmassss!

  17. Lmao the enfp can go to my country 😂 we start counting the days til christmas starting from september. But some of us actually starts decorating in october
    (sorry if my english is bad)

  18. Another day, another reminder of how very INFJ I truly am. I went to visit my grandmother yesterday. It was sunny but chilly all the way there. I stayed for a couple hours then started home only to be hit in the face with blizzard! The drive home took nearly an hour more than it should have! I refuse to leave my house today. I need to recover, even if only slightly , so I can go to work tomorrow. #hypothermia #seasonaldepression

  19. As an INTP, the intro almost made me spit out my coffee. Except I didn't, because doing so would have been a waste of coffee. Also, you have mildly annoyed me, because I live in Florida, a locale where Autumn does not exist. We have summer and slightly colder summer. Why, Florida? Why must you suck?

  20. Omg!!!! I'm dying 😆🤣😂 ENFP is so spot on. Like, I found out on Friday that SirisXM has a hallmark station that plays 24/7 x-mas music and have been listening ever since!!!!! 🎅🎅🎅

  21. Haha I literally suffer from SAD as soon as the fekin clocks go back UNTIL… The clocks go forward an hour again in March🙄😴🤣

  22. 2:20

  23. 0:00 Yep, that’s me. Like, literally couldn’t be any closer to me.

    1:34 Yep. Poetic, dramatic, signifies how life has fallen apart.

  24. I've always dreamed of romantic walking in the woods by myself, under the beautiful autumn sky, semi cold winds blowing up my homemade long coat, scarf, and boots… My birthday is in autumn (Northern version of the world) so whenever people asked me what is my favorite season, of course I'll answer autumn.
    Alas, I was born in a tropical country my whole life and never visit any four season country whatsoever. 😭😭😭

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