Please play Ice Cream Cake What song is that? You did well you did well! Is this our velvet kids dance? Does our velvet kids do this? I don’t know I just did it I give high marks for the expression Jhope was good Everybody knows Jimin is next but I will choose V who wouldn’t be nervous/ready Next, dance What would you like to do? V is, SNSD SNSD what song? Mmmm Gee? You did well, cute Next We have to go Rapmon, let’s get sraight into it Whose song? I’ve never danced to girl group dances before but I will try Everyone always says that bit they’re always good Yeah What song? I haven’t danced a lot but the one that atleast I have seen a lot is EXID Sunbaenims Ahhh Up and Down? How does this go again? You don’t know this dance do you? I don’t know the dance All together The start is this Okay let’s go I seem like Hani right? Okay next Kookie Kookie Jungkookie Jungkookie, which of IU’s songs? I don’t know the choreo Do something you know other than IU Up and Down He’s good x2 Wahh Booty, booty Jimin needs to put his decoration on this competition I would like to see a Jimin style Up and Down Okay I will try the same thing Jimin has quite a bit of sexy too So following our Jungkookie is our Jiminie, Up and Down LETS GO That was a good watch BTS is so incredible every time they come out He’s the terminator and first generation of girl group dances, Kim Heechul I will go ahead and pick first Who is the girl group dance terminator as chosen by Kim Heechul? Ah I’m nervous, it feels and award Ah they really gave their all, for their own performance as well It’s hard isn’t it? Our, RAPMONSTER Would you be able to pass this onto Jimin please? I was tossing up between Jungkook and Jimin but Jimin’s… Jimin’s dancing

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