hi guys in today’s video I’m going to be
doing 100% honest review of slime shops starting off with Jeff slime and this
slime is amazing as you can see it’s topped with hollow flakes I thought this
is such a nice touch it’s scented with the dupe of shining moon light which is
a scent from Bath & Body Works and as you can see there’s purple green and
blue and when they blended together it doesn’t make a gross color at all it
kind of makes like a passel mint green and like you can see from pulling it
once it becomes so fluffy and then when you pull it a few times it just flows so
so smoothly as you can see here it’s so soft as well when I put my hands in it
it literally about say it feels like cloud but it’s a cloud sign so that
makes sense next up we have Bambi stream cloud slime
and this is an all just gorgeous texture it’s kind of like kind of snowy but
mostly a creamy almost basa texture as you can see here the color turns into
such a beautiful lilac color but always fact is my nails and it’s so stretchy
and so soft it sounded like pistachios which I
actually think what’s really well with this because the texture of this reminds
me of like a creamy ice cream and I always think of pistachios when I think
of ice cream unic want jelly space is really like sneaks lines Barbie slime
and it has these gorgeous cubes in it it’s also scented like roasted
marshmallow and I also find that this is a really hard scent to get right but
this doesn’t smell like burnt sugar as well it just must have a really
comforting Sun these are actually from January which is why this slimes call
Santa Baby but this is a gorgeous red butter slime and it smells pretty warm
almost like a cinnamony Sun and I really love it it really reminds me of the
eliza burning butter that i got from some other slimes but it’s just a little
different in the texture this one’s a bit more soft whereas that Eliza butter
was a bit more firm everything came bubble wrapped and nothing leaked and
she sent the most amazing allergen free cookies because I can’t eat gluten or
dairy I was like dammit why has someone sent me cookies but it actually was the
best surprise ever she also sent borax asseline care she and some extras next
up we have Johnny slides and this slime is 25 ounces and only worth 26 dollars
which is the price of like some high-end slime shop slimes for like an 8 pounds
and this is the crunchiest slime I have ever played with so it has a clear base
and it’s really weird because it’s scented so strongly but this isn’t
cloudy asshole as you can see there’s huge microbeads this is a really bad
shot to show how big it is because my hands look really normal-sized on camera
for once but this is actually huge entus like apples and it’s also so stretchy what’s Valens happy is amazing it starts
off so glossy but as soon as you touch it it turns matte and for the like
watermelon seeds he put in a really nice touch of putting some black hexagonal
hexagonal it’s that word I don’t know hexagon I don’t know anyway some
glitters in there and it’s so cute if I like this clay slime inflated so much I
actually ended up putting half of the slime in a six ounce container and
keeping the rest in an 8 ounce just to get it to fit and I was so shocked
because we get so much more than you pay for as you can see it’s so stretchy it
falls really smoothly as well and it just flops up so much this cereal milk
slime baffled me in the best ways as you can see here the slime starts off so
glossy and so so smooth but then the more you play with it the more it fluffs
up and the end product actually ends up looking like a fluffy clay slime so here
as you can see it looks normal it looks like a cereal milk and then BAM
it starts to turn into a fluffiness thing thing I think yes there you go see
the fluffiness cloud thing cinnamon roll icing is a really gorgeous
class time it doesn’t really feel like a dough so clay it feels like it has a
really soft clay in that I love this it’s so creamy I actually have this
package for like maybe three months I didn’t have to activate this one at all
I was so impressed with it and normally clay size kind of go hard I didn’t have
to add any moisturizer either and I was just really impressed with this and it
has a gorgeous scent as well blue every pancake looks just as you expect it to
you this has such a glossy base that it looks just like a pancake mix and then
the little blueberries are just little flowing beads on the top this isn’t
particularly crunchy but when you first touch it it gives it a really nice
crunch and then the bees just add to the texture and this is scented really
nicely like blueberry see slide butter is a really nice clay
slime and this is so soft but it heart-shaped really well as you can see
here when you kind of like droop it down it doesn’t fall naturally you kind of
have to move your hand with it but your hands sink so smoothly into it it’s
unreal it holds as fall so well which is so handy for taking thumbnail photos
because it means that you don’t have to like try and get it perfect the first
time it just kind of stays there and this smells so relaxing it’s kind of
like a mix of lavender and like a seaside Sun he was so generous in all of
his extras he sent me three huge glitter pots some bees that kind of like pole
beads but different colors so I might make a slime with that then the slushy
beads borax a care sheet a little like edible extra and it’s just amazing next
up we have slime city beep and I can’t say her Instagram username but I’m gonna
put her YouTube link below and then you can find her this slime is called winter
candy apple scrub and it smells like a spiced apple scent and like the one
before from just slimes this is also a Christmas slow I just took ages to
review it has loads of jelly smells amazing and it’s so so crunchy I’m obsessed with cherry scent so when I
saw this and smelt this I was so excited and it’s a butter slime and I think it’s
made with those Oh clay it’s so vibrant and red and this is melted cherry
popsicle the next floor slimes are part of a bundle and they come at such good
value it’s for three ounces for twenty-one dollars that’s up in this
bundle we have three outs coca-cola butter which is made with the daizo clam
pretty sure this is such an airy mixture as you can see here it’s also so soft
and so spreadable I started spreading it with a spoon and this was actually super
satisfying so I might have to do this again in the future if you like this
technique let me know if you hate it also let me know and I won’t do it again
but this inflates it’s so so nice to smell as well it’s scented just like
coca-cola and I love the color of it because I don’t think it’s too dark it
kind of looks like the fizzy bit that comes at the top and I think it’s a
really nice touch gives this as an airy slime next up we have strawberry soda
cloud and I was actually really worried about showing this on camera because I
always find that small amount of cloud slams never fall for me but this was so
fluffy and it proved me wrong as you can see from pulling it only a few times it
fell so smoothly and this is so shocking for a small amount I’m sure if any of
you have two ounces you’ll know I mean the strawberry scent also isn’t like an
artificial one it smells so good as the name suggests this is one thick
slime and it’s really interesting it kind of feels like a clay texture but it
also doesn’t so I think she’s using a really unique clay that no one really
uses because I haven’t ever felt a slime that feels like this apart from maybe
the chewing gum slime I received from slinking recently but it also doesn’t
look like it when I stretch it so I think it’s a different thing but this is
so nice it smells like a creamy orange scent and as you can see it’s so glossy last up in this bundle we have grape
soda phloem and this is a micro bead phloem which again inflates like most of
her slimes and this smells like Americans to me like whenever I smell
American candy it smells like this it’s such a typical grape scent and I love it
and the color is also so gorgeous everything came bubble wrapped and
nothing leaks and I’ll link hello YouTube in the description so please go
and check on it I also started a vlog channel I’m also very awkward on it
because I’m not used to vlogging yet I promise you I’ll get better so don’t
forget to subscribe to that channel and also watch my first video thank you so
much for watching this video and I hope that you enjoyed it and I’ll see you
very soon

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  1. For reason I got a lemon cloud slime but the smell was so strong it irritated my family’s nose and the smell was so hard to get out of my hands! I loved the texture though!


    Type of slime:
    Last letter of your name
    A- cloud
    B- butter
    C-snow fizz
    E- fishbowl
    F- clear
    G- micro floam
    H- glossy
    I- thick
    J- cloud cream
    K- avalanche
    M- icee
    N- ice berg
    O- water
    P- fluffy
    Q- clicky
    R- glitter
    T- floam
    U- jumbo floam
    V- putty
    W-cloud dough
    X- multi floam
    Y- jiggly
    Z- whatever slime you want

    Your birth month
    Blue- January
    Pink- February
    Yellow- March
    Purple- April
    Green- May
    Turquoise- June
    White- July
    Peach- August
    Lavender- September
    Orange- October
    Red- November
    Any color you want- December

    Last digit of your age
    1-ocean breeze
    2-sweet Candy
    3- bananas n’ cream
    4- Cotten candy
    5- strawberry
    0- any scent you want

  3. If I had a dollar for every time she said so, I would be a millionaire!

    Edit: No hate Talisa I love your channel!!

  4. What I'm confused about:
    8 oz. Slime $7.50
    4 oz slime $8.50

    I know they're different shops but seriously😂😂😂😂 lol luv u Talisa

  5. The Granny Smith floam reminds me of mlp (my little pony) you said it’s smells like apples and Granny Smith works at the apple family

  6. 3:06 it looks like the slime is really really tough cause it looks like putting a lot of pressure on the slime when you poke it?

  7. Anyone who doesn’t like the sound of asmr honey come eating,

    But likes the sound of crunchy slime..

    Is a hypocrite.

    they are the same sound

  8. Is it just me but whenever I have like 10 or 5 minutes before I have to sleep I find the best videos to watch

  9. Take a shot every time she says “as you can see” and you’ll have alcohol poisoning by the end of the video lmao

  10. I'm from Alaska and I'm just gonna say. There's more colours in the northern lights then Green and purple. there's hints of pink and orange too. :/

  11. Talisa: it’s scented like pistachios.
    Me: I’m allergic to pistachios
    Talisa: ice cream
    Me: hhhuuu! I’m not allergic to pistachios anymore!

  12. Welcome to my arcade! No likes needed please play games and have fun!

    Find the different emojis!




    Do you see purple??


    My virtual slime shop!!

    Butter slime with loads of clay, blue and green when mixed a teal
    color. Scented like blueberries and comes with mini flower charms!
    Comes with huckleberry taffy!

    Sail the seven seas:
    Gradient of seven different blue clear slimes scented like sea salt
    and mango, comes with ship charms and hi-chew extras!

    Candy cane:
    Red and white cloud slime with candy cane confetti and red glitter.
    Scented like candy canes, comes with candy cane extras.

    Thank you for playing! Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!

  13. me: accidentally clicks

    also me: goes to click off

    me AGAIN: hears Talisa

    AGAIN: watches

    me AGAIN!: makes this stupid comment

  14. "As you can see, it falls sooo smoothly"
    It really doesnt Tal, just say that it doesnt fall smoothly, coz we have eyes

  15. Hi welcome to my mini arcade! Let’s play find the odd one out!




    Thanks for playing find the odd one out! Next up is slime game Last digit of like is ur type of slime

    1: crunchy
    3:ice berg
    8: over activated
    0: ur choice

    B-day month is color

    March: pigment
    May: blue
    April: green
    August: brown
    July: yellow
    September: orange
    October: black
    June: pink
    January: purple
    February: rainbow
    December: red,green,white

    Age is size

    1-5 is 4 oz
    6-9 is 8 oz
    10-14 is 15 oz
    15-18 is 20 oz
    18+ is as many ounces as u want!

    Lucky number is scent

    6:your choice
    8:no scent
    0: none again

    Thank you for playing! Plz lemme know what ur slime was!!

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