celebrity gay gay celebrities in the closet famous gay male couples it takes a lot of courage for a public
figure to come out clean about their sexuality they risk their career and
personal relationships while getting exposed to thousands of questions from
the media but despite all the risks we have seen a number of celebrities over
the years to be true to themselves when they came out as gay let us take a look
at ten of them starting the list at number ten is 42 year-old American
actress Sarah Paulson in a 2013 interview with broadway.com Paulson said
that the situation is fluid for me when questioned about her sexuality she dated
actress cherry Jones from 2004 to 2009 she has also dated men previously her
current partner is actress Holland Taylor at number nine comes 39 year-old
American actor Matt Bomer he is married to publicist Simon halls
since 2011 they have three sons including a set of twins via surrogacy
51 year old American actress Cynthia Nixon was married to schoolteacher Danny
Moses from 1988 to 2003 they have two children together she started dating
education activist Christine Mara noni in 2004 and got engaged with her in 2009
and eventually got married in 2012 mara noni gave birth to their son in 2011 in
2014 Cooke became the first chief executive
of a fortune 500 company to publicly identify as gay
at number six comes thirty eight-year-old American retired
professional basketball player Jason Collins he currently is in a
relationship with film producer Brunson green at number five comes fifty nine
year old American comedian television host actress writer and producer Ellen
DeGeneres she came out as lesbian in 1997 since 2004 he has been in a
relationship with Portia de Rossi whom she married in 2008 coming in at number
four is American television broadcaster Robin Roberts she came out in 2012 in a
heart-touching Facebook post where she was celebrating 100 days post her bone
marrow transplant during her battle with Miller dysplastic syndrome a disease of
bone marrow she thanked her girlfriend Amber Lane a massage therapist with whom
she had been in a relationship since 2005 Greg Louganis first came out as gay
and hiv-positive for the first time in an interview with Barbara Walters in
1995 he got engaged with his partner paralegal Johnny Taylor in 2013 they got
married in 2013 Louganis is one of the most renowned athletes in the world
at number two comes Canadian actress Ellen Page she came out as gay during a
speech at the Human Rights campaign’s time to thrive conference in Las Vegas
she is currently in a relationship with artist and surfer Samantha Thomas
at number one comes 45 year-old Puerto Rican singer actor and author Ricky
Martin he came out as gay in 2010 through a heartfelt post on his official
website in which he stated that he is proud to say that he is a fortunate
homosexual man and that he is very blessed to be who he is he got engaged
to his boyfriend painter jwa Yosef in 2016 we just tried to put down some
iconic people hoping that their coming-out stories can inspire more and
more positive people to come out and to start a dialogue with their parents
friends loved ones and to have courage in embracing themselves

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