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Hello everybody, How are you? In today’s video I will talk about Weekly Idol. Weekly Idol is a South Korean variety show, which airs at 6:00 pm every Wednesday on MBC Every 1 cable. The show used to be hosted by comedian Jeong Hyeong Don and rapper Defconn. Better known as DONI and CONI respectively. I believe you all know the program, the point is that in this video here I would like to talk about why I do not like this particular program. The point is that in this video here I would like to talk about why I don’t like this particular program. I have said a few times that I don’t like certain Korean variety programs, and since then you always ask me to explain why. The reason I don’t like Weekly Idol is not the program itself, but the presenters, specifically DONI. Coni has already done some things that I did not consider as problematic as for example talking about Hwasa from mamamoo, but I did not feel that it was pejorative, I will let it pass for you to draw your own conclusions I saw a lot of people talking about him It was biased, but I didn’t think so, since they were talking about the concept of music and I really think a black flower suits Hwasa better. Also remembering that he refers to her as a black rose, so it was not only the color but also the type of flower, she had already said it was just “yellow flower” and he related it to a black rose. Another moment was when some idols had to carry him on his lap, but it was not his idea but DONI’s, so guys I just wanted to make it clear why they are not one person and what one does has nothing to do with the other, poor Coni has no active voice in the show has to accept everything Doni does, I have nothing negative to talk about CONI, on the contrary I think he is super respectful of Idols, so much so that the best episodes on My opinion Already DONI, he is the problem and has done many absurd things in the program and I honestly never understood how such a thing goes unnoticed by the Korean public. And what exactly did he do? Who watches the program knows that there is that “moment” where idols are hit with a toy hammer, what I realized is that depending on the idol he hits harder than others, usually usually he has this behavior with female idols and smaller groups that have recently debuted. I couldn’t even watch, for example, the episode that GDragon was invited to, so much so that I couldn’t stand it. I know there are several Idols that are like legends in Kpop but regardless of that I don’t think this difference in treatment is right, I believe that regardless of whether the group is popular or not should receive the same treatment. Speaking of the bad jokes now, there are several cases, but one that had a lot of repercussions was not even in the Weekly Idol, but in the Idol Room that DONI pushed Jeongyeon out of nowhere for no apparent reason and stood there laughing. if it had been the funniest thing in the world. Here you can tell she bothered, and so this guy is so incredibly rough but people treat him like he’s a god of comedy. But then the question is: why are these programs so popular? The answer is that while for us westerners this type of program is disrespectful, many Asians like this kind of humor. Weekly Idol aired 7 years with DONI AND CONI and during that time was the most popular Idols show in South Korea. Their audience was surreal and virtually all groups were sent by their agencies to participate in the attraction. Only in March 2018 did they leave the program and today it is introduced by new MCs. It is not known exactly why Doni and Coni were fired, but according to production the program would undergo several makeovers. Today the program is really quieter, but guess what: It can’t keep the audience, there are rumors that nowadays Weekly Idol goes from bad to worse because people are no longer following it. In contrast, Doni and Coni were hired by JTBC to produce a new show called Idol Room that would run every Tuesday at 6:30 pm, the show premiered in May 2018 last year and is very similar to Weekly Idol with the same. jokes and DONI being ignorant. Even the case of the jerk at Jeongyeon as I mentioned was in this program. And even if they were fired from the Idol Room, by now both of them are already known on a media basis and any broadcaster would hire them to secure the audience. By the way the Idol Room is having a great audience today, growing more and more, that is, it just proves that the Korean public likes these games. So folks what I want to give you in this video here is a reflection, it’s no use that we westerners complain about the way Doni or another host treats Idols, because that’s the kind of humor that is successful in South Korea. The broadcasters don’t care if we’re not enjoying it, the target audience of these shows is not us, they are only concerned with the profit, if it works, it’s generating profit, they will leave the guy there doing his antics No matter what we think here, if you have an audience to watch, it’s because people like it, I honestly don’t like that kind of humor, and it’s not just in South Korea that’s it, practically everyone has this kind of entertainment. , even here in Brazil. A few years ago there was the Panico show that did pretty much the same thing Doni does, and even worse, who’s from this time will remember that they loved going after the artists to make fun of them, and everyone loved this show, I never liked it, I didn’t watch it, but I had several friends who did, and for a long time Panico was the audio leader. An example of what happens here in the west, in Brazil these days, are the trollings, there are several channels here on Youtube that only make video of this type, many even cross the line and yet there are people who like, there are audiences for it, and not It is not little. Like I said, I don’t identify with that kind of humor, but there are thousands of people who do. Anyway, I think this will never change, the entertainment is right, maybe even the script of the show these jokes, but Idols can not be offended, many people say “oh if it was me in their place would leave the program, in the middle of recording, “but some of you have a very childish view of Kpop, that’s not how it works, there’s for them to be on the show, a fine for breach of contract, and you can be sure it’s more beneficial for idols to be In the program, than the program receives them, most of the time the Idols need to have a waist to get out of these situations, I bet many did not even want to be there, but need to meet schedule and publicize their comeback. Idols have no freedom whatsoever to do what they want, if only they could and that is precisely why some presenters abuse it, they may realize that when it is an older Idol like UI, Girls Generation etc the treatment is quite different. But that’s it, the conclusion of this video is that we are not the target audience and the most we can do is ignore, not give audience, I really liked when Hani and Heechul presented Weekly Idol because they are Idols and They know what an idol goes through, and nothing better than someone who understands the position of idols to present programs like this. This is a big kiss for you and until the next video.

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