Thanks for watching. The entertainment news DolGom ByulGom TV Hello, we are Dol-Gom Byul-GomTv on And I am Byul-Gom. This time, I’m going to share with you the news from BTS V. On the morning of the 22nd,
V visited Weverse and communicated with our fans. V asked the fans, “What are you going to do today?” So many ARMYs play games together, play a
little and go to bed. They asked me to turn on the V LIVE broadcast.
“Can’t fall asleep,” V said on its official Twitter account.
He uploaded a short video with the text. The video was released for about 15 seconds,
and V was wearing a black checked nightgown. He had a languid look on his chin. You can also see the natural features. Especially in the greeting video that he left to his
fans before he went to sleep, V was a warm visual. It was an exciting atmosphere. Fans who saw
it said, “How do you sleep when you see him?” “Today I’m all asleep,”
“Tae Hyung is handsome,” and so on. They left a comment.
And then he went back to Weverse, and he started to call we “army lover bts. (English language
king is tt)” He’ve released some pictures with the text. In the picture, V shows a happy smile. he uploaded a variety of pictures, including
alternating one eye. Here’s another piece of news It’s been a while since V’s self-composed song
“Winter Bear” was released, like a Christmas gift in August. Celebrations from fans all over the world
came to celebrate the 100th day. Congratulations!!! I love the healing winter bear. Fans from all over the world celebrate the 100th
day of V’s self-written song “Winter Bear.” Include ‘#100DaysWithWinterBear’
with real-time world trends We celebrated this with real-time
trends from around the world. V’s got his own song, “Winter Bear,”
and he wakes up early in the morning. The music video that captures beautiful places
that he want to show to hts fans was Fans who remember this sincerely thanked V. This was followed by reports from overseas media
celebrating the 100th day of Winter Bear. All-K-Pop was inspired by deep emotion created
by V’s late effort during the tour. He gave his fans a beautiful song, “Winter Bear.” They say they are grateful for V’s efforts. Elite Daily
said, “The voice and visuals of V are unique and beautiful. Sweet lyrics like lullabies, artistic music videos, It’s incredibly beautiful in every way.”
And then the popcake, the fans were able to see V’s inner world through music.
They’re impressed by the fact that he share with their Whenever I heard the “winter bear,” talking about
love and peace, the fans responded to tears. Hello K-pop has the power to catch
the eyes and hearts of fans in the way that V delivers the song. We have a natural ability to fall in love just
by listening to his songs.” In addition, Nassionlex, Saostar, Sobug News, etc. Many media outlets also said fans are
healing through ‘WINTER BEAR.’ ​I like your subscription and Don’t forget.
WinterBear was released on ABC’s Good Morning America. loved enough to report an explosive reaction, No. 1 in real-time trends at World Wide. The music video topped the list of popular videos in
61 countries, including the U.S., Canada and the U.K. WinterBear’s got a lot of rave reviews for
professionals. V’s ability as a singer-songwriter has been re-verified to fans and critics.
Colin Nika, a journalist with Rolling Stone, Time, etc. “V has a variety of experiences and emotions that are essential virtues as an artist.
He have the ability to show music from a cinematic perspective.” He appreciated V’s artistic sensibility. Upon hearing the news, the public said,
“BTS V is the best! What a great artist!” Once again, V proved the talent of composing, showing
amazing vocal versatility. WinterBear is a masterpiece.”, “I’m proud of BTS V’s performance during the 100 days of
Winterbear, which has taken over trends around the world.” “I love the winter bear that shows you the
emotions of BTS V.” They responded and spared no praise. And in an interview with a media outlet,
“What do you want if you can have superpowers?” When asked, V said, “I want to have the
ability of a happiness warrior to give people happiness.” V’s “Winter Bear” with this sincerity will keep
the fans moving after 100 or 1,000 days. The news from BTS’ happy warrior V has become
the talk of the town. We’re going to feature all the experiments and
requests you’re asking for in the comments. I ask you to participate. I will give gifts
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  1. 제가 근무하는 어린이집에서 오후 낮잠시간때 꼭 방탄소년단 뷔의 윈터베어를 틀어줍니다. 애들이 차분해 지는 효과가 있더라고요,아마도 뷔의 고요하고 깊은 목소리 때문인것 같아요.

  2. Winter bear is so calming,soothing, very refreshing and I felt that I'm being swayed by listening to it💜💜💜👍🏻

  3. 태형아 자작곡 많이 내주라 방탄에서 네 목소리 듣기 넘 힘들어서 슬픈데 널 닮은 너의 자작곡들은 큰 위로이고 기쁨이야 우리에겐 존재자체로 기쁨인 울 태형이는 왜 잠을 못잘까? 태형아 너가 아미들한테 좋은 것만 보랬잖아 울 태형이도 좋은 것만 보자^^ 잘 자야 구내염도 떠날거야 딥슬립 하기를^^

  4. This news . Congratulations
    Kim Taehyung 100day
    My mind / heart has warm💜💘
    Kim Taehyung's Pure mind/heart make『 winner bear ❄️🐻』 and
    『 Scene 』 📷🎦❄️❄️
    ☝️ all Everybody have get healing and relax and warm 💘
    True Just Kim Taehyung has
    Very nice guy 👑 Perfect . Artists
    Kim Taehyung 💘💜 Thank you very much 🙇😍
    Always Byul-Gom TV Korea Entertainer
    Thank you very much 💜👍👍

  5. 풍경이랑 윈터베어 들으면서 태형이 자작곡 덕분에 불면증에서 벗어났어요
    윈터베어 100일 축하하고 앞으로도 아름다운 곡 많이 기대할게💜🐻💜
    좋은 소식 감사합니다🙏

  6. 원터 베어 백일 축하한다 앞으로도 좋은 작품내길 바라고  꿀잠자는거 보다 보약은 없을것 같아 우리 태형이 푹좀 자 아미들 걱정들 한다

  7. I love the song winter bear by V soo much 💜💜💜 Especially when I listened to the song, It heal the pain in me😂😘😘

  8. 태형이땜에 매일감동받고 행복하다.나의 힐링곡이자 자장가 —네시.풍경.윈터베어 죽어서도 듣고싶다

  9. 때론 세미크래식보다 V의 자작곡들이 더 마음을 상쾌하고 행복해 태태야 니 자작곡이 정말 좋아 좋은노래 고마워💜💜

  10. Me too. I agree 100% with all the wonderful comnts on V. I come to love this chnl 돌곰별곰 more & more. Good job. Keep up good spirit. 👨‍❤️‍👨😉👍

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